" The results I'm seeing from my NeurOptimal brain training have been excellent ... my performance and focus at work has never been better "
JK - San Diego
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Create the Life You Love! 

What is NeuroFeedback: Brain Training?
(3:07 Min)

Benefits You Will Gain with the InnerOptimal Program:

  • Get more out of your career
  • Improve your sports performance
  • Achieve greater success easier in school
  • Strengthen your relationships
  • Have a more fulfilling life
  • Adapt more easily to life changes

    Improving your personal performances and increasing your well-being starts with you; Your thoughts, Your beliefs, Your brain power. 

    Empower Your Life Today!
    InnerOptimal, Your Center for Optimal Living in Encinitas, CA is a unique mix of cutting edge technology, experience, and practical knowledge.

    If you feel down, stressed, worried, anxious, and/or you do not sleep well any more, it's difficult to move forward.

    If you notice your capacity to focus is not what it used to be, your memory is flickering, your mind is not clear, it's harder to make decisions, and you feel overwhelmed more easily...

    You have started to procrastinate.. Perhaps you do not enjoy life as you did before.

    InnerOptimal can help!

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